The potential of humans versus AI

When you believe, like me, that everyone is smart this is not even a problem.

a story of human intelligence

Imagine a woman, that cleans offices during the night, she wakes up at 3 am, and works from 5 am to 10 am, doing a job that can in a few years be done by a robot.

Now that woman is also a mum. She need to send a kid to school and so has organised the pickup and collection from school negotiating with other parents. If there is an emergency, for example a kid is ill at school, she will be creative and find ( parents always do) a solution. In the same way, solutions are found for every school holiday, Tuesday football, etcetera.

Being so creative is supposed to be rare, but I see it in everyone of us. We are ALL capable of creativity, problem solving and execution.

It is urgent to give to all of us (humans) a level of challenge worth of our intelligence. Leave the rest to the robots.

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