2018-03-19 Trying for a week the De Vany diet (Paleo diet).

De Vany diet

This week, I’ll be trying the De Vany diet (Paleo diet).

It should become my new way of eating and live longer, but as you may know, I prefer to live less but enjoy life (including food) more.

Lions in captivity live three times longer than wild ones. Which one is happier? My bet is on the free ones.

De Vany diet

I discovered the De Vany diet while reading a book on risk

While reading Black Swan, a book mostly about risk but covering much more, I learned things about the body that made sense.

I discovered that our body is not a “simple machine” in which you can measure your health based on calories in calories out. I thought that apart from the very bad stuff (chips, fries, etc…) our body would react in a linear way to input. Keep the number of calories in inferior to calories out is the easiest way to get a good health and good body. It seems that I was wrong!

Interesting facts about the body I did not know

It turns out that the body reacts in a non-linear way. A small, very intense stress, like missing a lunch, will trigger the fasting program, generating hormones, changing the body chemistry and more.

It is better to have short, high-intensity burst of stress than be continuously in a mid-level stress.

The reasoning behind the De Vany diet

The idea behind the De Vany diet is that our bodies have not evolved since we were hunters gatherer. Our body thrives on a 40,000 years old lifestyle, for food and exercise.

So I need to have some days without food, some days with lots of food, non-regular exercise based on needs (fight or flee), eat only stuff you can pick or kill (at that time, today I buy).

The positive:

  • Most of the time don’t do much
  • Sometimes do some very intense exercises, like the one you would do to escape a predator or hunting. Max 30 min on the gym, or starting to run randomly in the street.
  • A very cheap diet based on meat, fish and vegetables.

     The negative:

  • No bread, no pasta, no grains
  • No baked stuff
  • No Dairy
  • Limiting to eat with the family

The hard part of the diet is to remove anything baked, any sugar and pasta. Most carbs really. For a Frenchman like me, this is very close to food hell. This diet better have positive effects on my mood, body and happiness, otherwise, it will not last long.

Today I started with a big breakfast (eggs) and then nothing for the rest of the day, until breakfast tomorrow morning. I’m trying to emulate a bad day of hunting. Life is hard.

The book


3 Comments on “2018-03-19 Trying for a week the De Vany diet (Paleo diet).”

  1. Dear Frank, I did a similar one, back in 2013-14. It is bad for health, bad for the mood, good to loose weight, though people actually thought I was sick…
    Then I moved to France. VERY difficult to resist the temptations around myself. So took on weight again. Everyone says my intermediate shape suits me better. Maybe they lie to me, maybe they’re just afraid to tell me my mood was unbearable before . But I prefer to believe them, we’re all better off 😉

    1. I really like your approach. I agree that enjoying life is the most important thing and food plays an important part in the size of my smiles.

      have a great day, have a great life (you seem to have)

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