2018-03-22 De Vany diet day 4 and Today’s journal

De Vany diet – Day 4

Today I woke up in good shape, no head pain and in good mood. Most importantly, not hungry! I had a good breakfast with egg with bacon, melon, and black coffee (no sugar). I felt satisfied for the first time in a while. Maybe something is really happening.

News of the day –  two types of articles for this blog

Today I decided to differentiate between two types of articles. There will be the journal one, like this one, which should be daily and short. The second type will be Food For Thoughts (FFT). FFT articles will be longer and deeper, probably written over multiple days. Disclaimer, most of the FFT articles will not have a conclusion, they are food for thoughts, here to tease the brain to investigate something I found interesting.

Today’s reading:

This is a Journal article. There is one every day (unless I’m away from a computer) and it is made to act like a written-photo album. I hope in some months, years, to read what’s in it and smile, remember an old project worth continuing, and to have a place to keep me accountable for my thoughts.

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