2018-03-24 and 25 – Last two days of the Paleo-diet (De Vany)

Hi everyone. I’ve now finished by one week test of the Paleo diet (De Vany diet). It was interesting and here are some facts and information:

  • I lost one Kg (2.2 Pounds) in one week. Nothing to scream about, but positive
  • My mood over the weekend was crap, I was impatient with my kids. Bad
  • Missing on important food event with my family like pizza, crepes etc… is a real no go. Such experiences are part of our family culture.
  • I cannot envisage a fully happy life without pasta, pizza, good white bread and crepes. My being French-Italian probably
  • Fast foods add a LOT of carbs to give the feeling of being full. I will change my standard diet
  • Yo Sushi has a tasty selection of food with no rice. I was impressed
  • I will add as they come to mind.

a bientôt and thank you for following. If you enjoyed the results of this experiment on myself, please subscribe to the newsletter on the top right.


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