How to be creative in 2 minutes


If you think that you cannot have lots of ideas while on a meeting or without a brainstorming session of 1 or 2 hours with 5 colleagues, then I hope to change your mind in the next 200 words.

Brainstorming helps generating lots of ideas and it doesn’t need to be done in a group. You can brainstorm on your own. 

By using a personal brainstorming you’ll generate lots of ideas fast, and as it’s so fast that investigating an idea is not a task for “the next meeting”, it can be done right now.

How fast is fast?

2 minutes is (again) the time to get the ideas out of your head. 

How does it work?

  1. Write down a question
  2. Take a timer and set it to 2 minutes
  3. Write one word per idea util the time expires

You’ll probably get around 10 ideas. One idea per 12 seconds is better than any brainstorming session.

Why does it work? 

We as human work best under pressure, you get different chemicals and hormones while under pressure you breath faster, you get more efficient. For more details watch this TED video: stress can be your friend

With the short term time limit, you generate short term stress and get things out fast.

When to use it?

2 minutes, is so fast that it is worth doing as soon as you need ideas.

When you get distracted by an idea, it’s a signal that you subconscious is asking your conscious part to do something about it. A 2 minutes brainstorm will generate enough content for you subconscious to start working on it, relax about the urgency and free the conscious part of the brain to do what you need to do.


It works great when there are two of you, one gets the ideas the other one writes. 

Do I use it?

Yes, almost every day!

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