Planning trips – Accelerate airport security check

The second article (The ultimate checklist for packing) on planning trips. We all know that one of the most painful moments in plane travel is the airport security check. Remove computers, tablets, shoes, liquids, and something new every month. Accelerating and simplifying security checks helps to have a better trip.

Keep it simple

This article is for men. Women you don’t need to read. You have a super packing power. But you can help yourself by sharing it with your male colleagues.

The simpler way – check-in

Most airport today are excellent in delivering checked-in luggage. So check-in your luggage. You can put a lot of hand-luggage forbidden item in a checked-in luggage. Then enjoy passing the airport security check like the wind.

Tips to avoid carrying liquids

Keep it simple: don’t bring liquids.


You can buy toothpaste at the destination or ask for toothpaste at the hotel. They have toothpaste kits


Like for toothpaste, any hotel will have a shaving kit, but it’s terrible if you have delicate skin. The foam doesn’t foam, and the razor has one; not so sharp but enough to hurt and cut at the same time; blade.


It’s very probable that you don’t need perfume, deodorant yes, perfume no. Avoid it all together and buy an excellent deodorant.


Put your belt, suit, sweaters, etc., in your handbag as soon as you are in the airport. You’ll avoid sweating like a pig, and airport security check is much easier.


Put all your electronics gear (gadget in my case) in one hand luggage so you can unpack everything fast.

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