Planning trips – The ultimate checklist for business trips

If you are a frequent traveller, two things always happen. First, you will forget to take or do something before leaving; second, you will forget something in the hotel room, never to be found again. Here is the checklist I created after losing yet another shirt.

Having a checklist helps a lot to pack at home and pack at the hotel.

The ultimate checklist for business trips

The ultimate checklist for business trips

My checklist for business trips

List of things to carry on a business trip. Clothes depend on the length of the trip (# of days). I assume a shirt per day

 (documents)  contact info  1  (luggage)  suitcase  1
 (luggage)  shoulder bag  1  (luggage)  wallet  1
 (documents)  tickets (plane)  1  (documents)  business card  1
 (luggage)  Passport holder  1  (documents)  passport  1
 (documents)  membership card  1  (documents)  int’l drivers license  1
 (money)  ATM card  1  (money)  credit card  1
 (luggage)  toiletries bag  1  (luggage)  coin purse  1
 (money)  cash (foreign)  1  (money)  cash  1
 (documents)  reservations  1  (documents)  Public transport card  1
 (Misc)  Home keys  1
 (underwear)  boxers # of days + 1
 (socks)  socks  # of days + 1
 (nightwear)  sleeping T-shirt  1  (shirts)  sweater  0/1 depending on climate
 (shirts)  T-shirt  # of days
 (shirts)  long sleeve shirt # of days
 (suit)  suit  1 for every 3 days  (ties)  tie – I like to have bright ties and change every day # of days
 (misc.)  cufflinks  # of days (but that’s me)  (misc.)  belt – one for casual, one for suit 2
 (misc.)  watch  1  (misc.)  scarf – if needed 1
 (gloves)  gloves – if needed 1  (shoes)  walking shoes   (I wear my elegant shoes for the travel) 1
 (hats)  hat (I am bald)   1
 (for face)  razor (blade)  1  (for face)  shaving cream  0 I buy at the destination
 (for mouth)  floss  1  (for mouth)  toothpaste  0 I buy at the destination
 (for mouth)  toothbrush  1
 (recreation)  headphones  1  (recreation)  Tablet 1
 (utility)  tablet keyboard  1  (utility)  Talbet cable  1
 (utility)  usb charger  1  (utility)  battery charger 1
 (utility)  work phone  1  (utility)  private phone  1
 (utility)  private phone cable  1  (utility)  work phone cable  1
 (utility)  plug converter  2  (utility)  small flashlight 1
 (utility)  laptop computer  1  (utility)  laptop charger  1
 (books/stationery)  Current book  1  (books/stationery)  pen  1
 (books/stationery)  notebook  1  (books/stationery)  Russian lessons   (Study) 1
 To Do (pre-trip)  
 (at work)  set email autoresponder  1

Software to manage packing lists

I use Packing Pro to manage my lists


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