[2018-04-08] Websites from a Clojure Beginner to others

Some links I find useful while learning Clojure

Clojure is a language we use at work, and as a real geek, I want to learn more about it. I’m going to use this post as a bookmark of the good Clojure links I find.


I started learning Clojure last week, so the beginner section is where I stand, and this is why it is the only section with some content in the first version of the article.

  • Clojure for the brave and true – well-explained Clojure introduction. It starts easy, help setup Emacs and understand the practical first steps to work in Clojure and then move with great skill and humour to dig into the real work of Clojure. A pleasure to read and my favourite starting point. If, like me, you like it, please buy the book
  • Thinking in Clojure for Java Programmers (Part 1 — A Gentle Intro) – Coming from a Java developer background, this blog post helped
  • 4Clojure – a website with progressive exercises to get into the Clojure logic. I highly recommend you to sign-up and follow a user named cc787. He delivers very original, robust and short solutions to the exercises.
  • ClojureDocs – the official (I think) place to go for official (not always clear) definitions. Good examples





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