Competing against a free product

Competing against a free product is possible. There is an industry thriving against a free, highly distributed and easy to use product – look at some of these ideas and compare them to your industry

In many countries, water is easily available, is cheap or free and safe to drink directly from the tap. Yet the bottled water industry is doing great.

Think about it, to buy bottled water I need to get out of the house, carry heavy weight, pay. All this not to be thirsty. With tap water, I can get the same result for free or almost free.

From a theoretical point of view bottled water is a dead-end industry. 
Theory is wrong.

Reasons I buy bottled water:

  • I like some bubbles (I drink mostly Badoit at home)
    • Added feature
  • The tap water sometimes has a not-so-good taste
    • Consistency of quality
  • I enjoy a nice bottle on the table
    • Marketing

What are your reasons to buy bottled water?

Whatever your reasons they are an insight on how to sell making money against an (almost) free product. Use the comment session to leave your reasons, and I’ll explain the core business element of the success of the bottled water industry.


Have a great day, have a great life

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