Rehab from smartphone dependence

baby with smartphone

The challenge: one week without a smartphone I want to be smarter, so (as per previous post), I decided to complicate my life a little. I’m experimenting the effects of smartphones on my efficiency by exchanging for a week my two smartphones for a very basic Nokia. Days Setup, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 I invite you to follow me … Read More

Be smarter by complicating your life

Long an narrow foot suspended bridge

You are smarter than you think, but the fear of failing limits your successes. With small steps and some courage you can achieve great improvements and better visibility. Courage comes when you go outside of your comfort zone and this can be done by complicating your life. This post is about courage, trust and discovery.

How to start having a LIFE, work, sleep balance


The first step toward a LIFE, work and sleep balance is to visualize your current life and decide where you want to be.