Best practices for efficiency: calendar

For many, opening the calendar is a source of stress, too many meetings, too little time and too much to do. It doesn’t need to be this way. The calendar is a fantastic tool to keep your priorities under control and it only requires very little effort to make it work for you and not against you.       

Mental Clarity – Start having a life

Mental Clarity

Your life is full of events to attend, projects to follow, things to do urgently, newly arrived top priority activities, phone calls, meetings, customers, promises,  dinners, and so much more. Creating a feeling of stress, anxiety and bad sleep (my measure for stress). But there is a methodology – which I use [and swear by] – to stay on top of all your … Read More

3 rules to double your productivity

GTD - Getting Things Done

Creating a todo list that doesn’t work is easy, creating one that works is easy too! In this article I show 3 rules to create a todo list that works and creates time for what is important.

Live a harmonious LIFE and forget work life balance

LIFE is too complex to be balanced The idea of work/life(style) balance has been extremely useful to introduce priorities and goals outside of work. It is not surprising that work/life balance has gained momentum when the majority of people started to marry for -real- love, when going back home became a positive experience and staying at work to avoid home became the exception. Work/life balance was … Read More

Do you have a filter for unsolicited or useless work e-mails?

Filter choice

You have a spam filter for the unsolicited advertisement, but do you have a filter for unsolicited or useless work e-mails? This post is about reducing the amount of e-mail triggered distractions by separating e-mails into three groups: e-mails where you are the main recipient (To) and that you need to read. e-mails used by others to offload part of their responsibilities on you (CC). … Read More

FrankContrepois 2015 Reader Survey [Closed]

I want to ensure my blog does the best possible job in helping you. So I need to know more about you! To do that I’ve create the 2015 reader survey Please take some time to fill the survey. By doing so you’ll be helping yourself. Because I’ll be able to create content more interesting and relevant to you. Your feedback is … Read More

Do only what helps you reach your goals

Reaching your goals (4 Steps to set your goals) will unlock new opportunities and successes. But how do you integrate your goals into your day to day tasks? By prioritizing, acting or not and making decisions based on your long term objectives, you will transform every task in a step in the right direction and increase dramatically your chances of … Read More

Old phones to reduce stress and distractions

After the trial (see Rehab from smartphone dependence) planned to last one week with a very basic mobile phone (no camera, no apps, no Internet), I’m glad to report that I’ve not switched back to smartphones. Distractions and stress are down. Try it – instruction at the bottom of Rehab from smartphone dependence

Take a 1h lunch pause

Get out at lunch, invite colleges and friend. Measure the quality of your life/work after… repeat every day for a week

Priorities – Humans> Phone > E-mail

People are more important that phone calls which are more important than e-mails. Easy to understand, easy to apply