How much money do i need to open a startup?

extraordinary measures

Are you afraid that to open a startup you’ll have to dig into your family saving? Will it force you to risk all you’ve saved so far? Will you have to take days off to do all the bureaucracy? 

Be a successful team, be like an orchestra

Follow the music

All the business books, conferences and experts will talk about the leader leading, the team to be diverse and to hire people smarter than you. But if you ask for examples, you’ll only get confused answers. Yesterday was a Eureka day, I found the analogy that connects -my- dots.

A leadership definition that is easy to understand

The best explanation of leadership is a video: link to video Don’t be afraid to be the leader, do things but more importantly SHIP. Your followers are waiting. When you see the good work of someone, be the first follower and create a culture of leaders.  Have a great weekend [reminder]Any thoughts after watching the movie?[/reminder]

Transform everything you do into something remarkable

Do something remarkable

Buying food, doing the same work everyday, reading a book. I guess that you are not impressed by any of those actions, they are normal actions that do not trigger the WOW effect. So what makes an action a remarkable one? 

The best way to get promoted is to be vocal about your good work

get and give credit

They don’t know what you’ve done unless you provide the means to show it.  Waiting for the boss to notice, the colleague to show it, is typically not going to work. You need to be vocal about what you have accomplished, and take recognition. Great things need to be shared, good work deserves recognition and talents need to be made visible and cultivated. … Read More

Work-life balance in a virtual company

virtual company

The search for the ideal work – life balance has become much thought about, debated and sought after. Working in the field of Executive coaching, we spend significant time with clients understanding ‘what good looks like’.  When we look at our whole lives, what does an ideal work-life balance look like? Read the rest of the article

Flip the coin aka Changing perspective

changing perspective

This is one of the most important article of as the methodology described has changed my life for the best some years ago. I call it flip the coin! Flipping the coin is my way to remember that everything in life can be seen from at least two perspectives and changing perspective has allowed me to see the world through different lenses resulting … Read More