Short definitions – Profit and Loss, Balance sheet and Cash flow

Accounting definition

I’ll try to explain things that took me ages to understand in one line (almost). I hope it will help you avoid my frustration.

A list of business friendly ways to say ” I’m creative “

Be Business Creative

Being creative is not something you put on your CV, but you should. Creativity is a welcome addition at any level of a company, specially in leadership positions. Let me give you some more business friendly names for creativity.

Transform everything you do into something remarkable

Do something remarkable

Buying food, doing the same work everyday, reading a book. I guess that you are not impressed by any of those actions, they are normal actions that do not trigger the WOW effect. So what makes an action a remarkable one? 

The best way to get promoted is to be vocal about your good work

get and give credit

They don’t know what you’ve done unless you provide the means to show it.  Waiting for the boss to notice, the colleague to show it, is typically not going to work. You need to be vocal about what you have accomplished, and take recognition. Great things need to be shared, good work deserves recognition and talents need to be made visible and cultivated. … Read More

Say it, don’t assume it

Say it

Say it! Don’t make judgments on your opinions, don’t assume that you know what other people think, let other think for themselves. Your views are yours, they are worth sharing and they are not for everyone to agree on.

Efficiency tools – my selection

GTD - Getting Things Done

Hi everyone, day 1 of 30 Here are the tools I like or liked to improve efficiency: Nozbe – for todo lists OmniFocus – for todo lists, better than Nozbe but only for Mac Evernote – note taker, anywhere, anytime. It is also where I put all my scanned paper and interesting articles and websites Slack – to keep global teams in sync Office … Read More

Flip the coin aka Changing perspective

changing perspective

This is one of the most important article of as the methodology described has changed my life for the best some years ago. I call it flip the coin! Flipping the coin is my way to remember that everything in life can be seen from at least two perspectives and changing perspective has allowed me to see the world through different lenses resulting … Read More

What to do if you cannot sleep due to stress

Too many thoughts

Turning and tossing in bed, eyes open, looking at the ceiling, with too many thoughts and no clarity. A frustrating and tiring experience that is often accompanied by low productivity, bad mood and limited results the following day. As a reader of you need to act and avoid losing so much time and energy without at least knowing the why. 

How to focus like an Olympian

Athletes and in particular Olympians, focus on getting the right preparation to get the Gold medal. They focus on the goal of feeling the pleasant weight of the gold on their chest and that’s it. This article gives a method of how to focus on the result and how to avoid searching solutions that will never be needed.