Competing against a free product

Competing against a free product is possible. There is an industry thriving against a free, highly distributed and easy to use product – look at some of these ideas and compare them to your industry

Creative ways to reward and measure success without money

What if money is not the goal

I believe that money, along with writing, is one of the cornerstones of human progress. Both helped reduce misunderstanding and have allowed for complex transactions to occur. Money (finance) is the language of business. Money helps people share. Money’s role has been extended from a communication method to a unit of measure when it started being the measure of success … Read More

Children are under too much pressure. Call for a change in education.

Education needs to evolve

Schools and education in general prepares you for work. That was true in the early 20th century and so completely wrong today. Companies know that it takes 2 years to transform a student into a productive worker. Two years!  Why is education so disconnected from reality?  

Second place is in business the place to be

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Being second -or third or #100 – is for losers. The Internet is full of demotivating sentences like this (citations and quotes) and they are WRONG! And I will explain why! 

Is multitasking the new way of working?

I recently watched a video promoting a new software, the “next generation business software”. During the video, notifications appear -very- often allowing for a fast change in the flow of work. This can be seen as helping the user to multitask (positive view) or distracting the user from the important tasks (negative view). In this article I’ll present some ideas pro multitasking and some … Read More

When being polite is hiding

When a sentence starts with “Can you …” I become suspicious: Rarely what you read is what is said. Most of the time can you translates into “I know you can, so do”  or simply “DO IT!”.

A list of business friendly ways to say ” I’m creative “

Be Business Creative

Being creative is not something you put on your CV, but you should. Creativity is a welcome addition at any level of a company, specially in leadership positions. Let me give you some more business friendly names for creativity.