New times, times for change

Time to change, After reviewing the initial goals of the blog, taking out all vanity metrics it’s clear that it is time to pivot, to change, to try something new. And what you see on the main page of this ‘something new’. by breaking some rules of blogging, After listening and reading about blogs, I’ve decided to make the blog more like … Read More

Creative ways to reward and measure success without money

What if money is not the goal

I believe that money, along with writing, is one of the cornerstones of human progress. Both helped reduce misunderstanding and have allowed for complex transactions to occur. Money (finance) is the language of business. Money helps people share. Money’s role has been extended from a communication method to a unit of measure when it started being the measure of success … Read More

Being shy – Tips to overcome the main frustrations

Bonjour, today I want to share some tips to overcome the main frustrations of being shy. Shyness is a feature of my character and probably yours if you are reading. By being shy we often do not express our ideas, often resulting in frustration of the idea being ‘stolen’ by someone else. It can be even more frustrating when we have the courage to express ideas, but … Read More

Children are under too much pressure. Call for a change in education.

Education needs to evolve

Schools and education in general prepares you for work. That was true in the early 20th century and so completely wrong today. Companies know that it takes 2 years to transform a student into a productive worker. Two years!  Why is education so disconnected from reality?  

How a life made of emergencies, alerts and meetings is blurring our vision

An empty table and blurred city lights in the background

For most of us, a day at work is a day of emergencies, alerts and meetings. Instinctively  we all agree that this is not the most efficient and productive way to work, but we are not clear on the impact. What are we missing? What can be done?

Vanity metrics of a blog – lean startup methodology

Searching for gold

In the last weeks I read  [amazon text=The Lean Startup&asin=0670921602], a very good book with lots of take away. Today I want to write about how I’m applying the best practices of the book to  One of the fundamental topic of the lean startup is the measure of success. Are my metrics measuring success toward the blog’s goals or are they vanity metrics that look … Read More

Second place is in business the place to be

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Being second -or third or #100 – is for losers. The Internet is full of demotivating sentences like this (citations and quotes) and they are WRONG! And I will explain why! 

Simon Sinek – how great leaders inspire action

If you don’t know Simon Sinek this Ted talk is the best way to start. His moto “start with why” has change the way people thing about life and business. It’s one of the most popular TED talks with more than 26M views.