Being shy – Tips to overcome the main frustrations

Bonjour, today I want to share some tips to overcome the main frustrations of being shy. Shyness is a feature of my character and probably yours if you are reading. By being shy we often do not express our ideas, often resulting in frustration of the idea being ‘stolen’ by someone else. It can be even more frustrating when we have the courage to express ideas, but … Read More

Children are under too much pressure. Call for a change in education.

Education needs to evolve

Schools and education in general prepares you for work. That was true in the early 20th century and so completely wrong today. Companies know that it takes 2 years to transform a student into a productive worker. Two years!  Why is education so disconnected from reality?  

How much money do i need to open a startup?

extraordinary measures

Are you afraid that to open a startup you’ll have to dig into your family saving? Will it force you to risk all you’ve saved so far? Will you have to take days off to do all the bureaucracy? 

A quote for the weekend

juggling some five balls in the air

Have a fantastic weekend.  “Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – work, family, health, friends and spirit – and you’re keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the … Read More

How to split tasks with your spouse

The division of tasks at home can be a cause of frustration, you can hear sentences like “You were supposed to do this” or “Why is this not done?”. With my wife Anya we solved it!

How to be creative in 2 minutes


If you think that you cannot have lots of ideas while on a meeting or without a brainstorming session of 1 or 2 hours with 5 colleagues, then I hope to change your mind in the next 200 words.

Internet of Thing explained in one sentence and one example

Faster faster

Internet of Things (IoT) is when two computerize systems talk to each other without human intervention. A machine to machine dialog.  A very positive example for IoT.  Imagine someone close to you is in an ambulance. The driver is doing his best to slalom between cars, every second counts, every moment is a step towards safety or the end. In a … Read More

A leadership definition that is easy to understand

The best explanation of leadership is a video: link to video Don’t be afraid to be the leader, do things but more importantly SHIP. Your followers are waiting. When you see the good work of someone, be the first follower and create a culture of leaders.  Have a great weekend [reminder]Any thoughts after watching the movie?[/reminder]

Efficiency tools – my selection

GTD - Getting Things Done

Hi everyone, day 1 of 30 Here are the tools I like or liked to improve efficiency: Nozbe – for todo lists OmniFocus – for todo lists, better than Nozbe but only for Mac Evernote – note taker, anywhere, anytime. It is also where I put all my scanned paper and interesting articles and websites Slack – to keep global teams in sync Office … Read More