Internet of Thing explained in one sentence and one example

Faster faster

Internet of Things (IoT) is when two computerize systems talk to each other without human intervention. A machine to machine dialog.  A very positive example for IoT.  Imagine someone close to you is in an ambulance. The driver is doing his best to slalom between cars, every second counts, every moment is a step towards safety or the end. In a … Read More

A leadership definition that is easy to understand

The best explanation of leadership is a video: link to video Don’t be afraid to be the leader, do things but more importantly SHIP. Your followers are waiting. When you see the good work of someone, be the first follower and create a culture of leaders.  Have a great weekend [reminder]Any thoughts after watching the movie?[/reminder]

Efficiency tools – my selection

GTD - Getting Things Done

Hi everyone, day 1 of 30 Here are the tools I like or liked to improve efficiency: Nozbe – for todo lists OmniFocus – for todo lists, better than Nozbe but only for Mac Evernote – note taker, anywhere, anytime. It is also where I put all my scanned paper and interesting articles and websites Slack – to keep global teams in sync Office … Read More

Flip the coin aka Changing perspective

changing perspective

This is one of the most important article of as the methodology described has changed my life for the best some years ago. I call it flip the coin! Flipping the coin is my way to remember that everything in life can be seen from at least two perspectives and changing perspective has allowed me to see the world through different lenses resulting … Read More

Unpaid overtime – how is it impacting your finances?

unpaid overtime

As an employee, company owner or future entrepreneur, unpaid overtime will play a very important part in your finances, human resources management and success. This article will explore what unpaid overtime means for Entrepreneurs and employees and how it measures your business success.

Why exactly procrastinators procrastinate


Discover the war in our heads between a captain, a monkey and a monster and the result that impacts our long term success. A fantastic article that made me feel guilty about how often I procrastinate. Enjoy! Thank you, Richard, for pointing this article to me. [reminder]Do you have a great content about productivity to share? Send it to me … Read More

Do you know the seven levels of delegation?

Empower more, share the load, delegate

In “Turn the ship around“, Captain David Marquet, explains how he changed the usual military “leader-follower” style of command into a “leader-leader” approach, transforming his nuclear submarine from the worst one in the US navy to the best one, within a year! One key aspect of this transformation is David’s use of 7 questions and sentences, to empower subordinates, enabling more … Read More

[TED] The single business reason why startup succeed

Here is an interesting TED video to prioritize your efforts before investing in your own startup.

Do you have a filter for unsolicited or useless work e-mails?

Filter choice

You have a spam filter for the unsolicited advertisement, but do you have a filter for unsolicited or useless work e-mails? This post is about reducing the amount of e-mail triggered distractions by separating e-mails into three groups: e-mails where you are the main recipient (To) and that you need to read. e-mails used by others to offload part of their responsibilities on you (CC). … Read More