A list of business friendly ways to say ” I’m creative “

Be Business Creative

Being creative is not something you put on your CV, but you should. Creativity is a welcome addition at any level of a company, specially in leadership positions. Let me give you some more business friendly names for creativity.

Be Business Creative

Be Business Creative
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Creativity make you think of artists, painters and sculpture. And most parents don’t want a child which is an artist and no business will publicly hire an artist to lead (but they need one). So how do we reconcile the real needs of the business with the perceptions of people?

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If there is a need for creative people but the word is not compelling enough, then new words are to be created, more business friendly words and a global marketing campaign has been started to make those words appealing to companies, parents and children alike.  

This happened and here is a list of new ways to say “I’m creative”, that you can put on your CV and proudly discuss in public.

You can say:

  • I think outside of the box
  • I find innovative solutions
  • I’m an innovator
  • I’m a troubleshooter
  • I analyse complex problems and see a solution (but don’t ask me to explain the problem)

I had to wait 38 years for someone very smart to tell me “your biggest skill is your creativity” so don’t stop  creating, being a business artist or simply an artist. Thank you

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2 Comments on “A list of business friendly ways to say ” I’m creative “”

  1. Absolutely. This is something coders have been shouting for a while and applies to all engineers. The perception is frequently that engineering is all formulas and repetition and isn’t creative, but there’s a more nuanced picture, closer to a (traditional) architect who mixes some non-creative skills with a majority of time spent free-thinking. It’s true for most positions in an organisation that’s dedicated to solving problems.

    Solving problems needs creativity. Just creating and acting on differentiators from your competitors starts the process.

    As organisations expand dealing with people requires perhaps even more creativity. Even if there are similarities between the colleagues you work with (okay, in 7 billion, that’s at least _likely_ 😉 ) the situation they and you are in is still unique so each situation will probably require a creative solution.

    (Thinking of creative grammar, as you’re asking for feedback you may want to tweak this “friendly name of ” to “friendly names for” 🙂 )

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