The best way to get promoted is to be vocal about your good work

get and give credit

They don’t know what you’ve done unless you provide the means to show it. 

Waiting for the boss to notice, the colleague to show it, is typically not going to work. You need to be vocal about what you have accomplished, and take recognition. Great things need to be shared, good work deserves recognition and talents need to be made visible and cultivated. Read the remaining 80%

get and give credit

get and give credit
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In some environment (teams, companies), there is a culture of “giving credit” along with showcasing achievements, this even goes as far as having dedicated roles to amplify the message. Giving credit should be part of the culture, with methods and tools used to actively seek and find good work and talented persons.

Unfortunately in most working environment, this is not happening.

You can make it happen! It’s easy. You can plant the seed of such a culture by recognizing the good work of others. It’s as simple as sending an email that reads: “Hi everyone, <Name/Team/Company> did a fantastic job to solve/improve <the issue>.  Try it out and send feedback.” Quickly you will see a positive change happening.

Do it every time you see something great done, you will cultivate and feed the culture change you seek.

[shareable cite=”Frank Contrepois”]Take credit for what you’ve done, give credit to what is done, be an evangelist of good ideas, be a culture builder.[/shareable] [reminder]What happened when you gave credit after reading this article?[/reminder]

Note: When I say you, it might be you as a person, you as a team, you as a company. 

Ps: thank you to Matt for the help

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