How a life made of emergencies, alerts and meetings is blurring our vision

An empty table and blurred city lights in the background

For most of us, a day at work is a day of emergencies, alerts and meetings. Instinctively  we all agree that this is not the most efficient and productive way to work, but we are not clear on the impact. What are we missing? What can be done?

An empty table and blurred lights in the background

It’s empty
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We walk looking down…

Some days ago, after leaving my son at the nursery, I was coming back home with my eyes glued on the phone, looking at my emails and scheduled meetings, to have an sense of my workload for the day. While walking I almost hit a pole!

The pole was there since a long time, clear under the sun and visible from far, and I still had to do an emergency maneuver to avoid it. Let me repeat, I ended up in an emergency situation to avoid a pole!

I ended up in an emergency situation for something that is visible, easy to avoid and non-moving. I had lost my medium term vision, and missed countless opportunities to be pro-active and change my course. I was too focused on short term, the now.

The same happen in a life made of emergencies, alerts and meetings. The focus is always on the immediate issues. The medium and long term goals and activities are lost in the blur util they become too close and become the next emergency or regrets.  

Rise your head and look forward

The next time you feel under constant fire, take a day off, take a step back and rise your head. Look around you, look who is next to you, look where you want to go, find a path to get there, write it down and keep it close to you. The next day at work, create some time – even 5 minutes- to reach your goal, do the same the following day, and again, and again.

Every day, you’ll be walking on a path you choose, going in a direction you choose. It will change your day and probably your life. Do it  even if the rest of the day is chaos.

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Have a great day, have a great life


4 Comments on “How a life made of emergencies, alerts and meetings is blurring our vision”

  1. You are absolutelly right. That is the difference in between firefighters and townbuilders.
    Both are relevant to our life. You have to chose, if you can, to be one of them.

    1. Hi Bruno. Thank you for sharing. I love the town builders and firefighters analogy, it makes things clearer.

      We all know that we have to be both in our lifes but we can choose the role we want be in most of the time and let the other one be the exception.

      What do you think?

  2. Hey Frank!

    Remember me? Great article man. I just did the similar mistake and it became a regret, because I was too focused on something immediate. I like the idea to write down the path to your long term goal and move towards it everyday, no matter how big or small those steps are.

    1. Hi Hammeedullah. Sure I remember you, it was a tough project and we made it a success.

      It’s great that the article had a positive impact for you, be generous and share it with others

      a bientôt

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