How to measure learning progress and experience

The three levels of experience

This article describes in a simple and clear manner the three levels of experience I go through when learning something new.

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I start lots of projects; I start studying loads of things, and 90% of the time I get bored and drop. The 10% remaining are those skills that I move forward and go above level one.

Level 1 – Follow the rules

Here I start learning what the standard is, and how others are doing. This period is when I listen and rarely speak: when I talk it’s to ask questions, loads of questions.

If you are learning a new skill, then follow the manual, go to classes and discover what the standard is. If you are on a new role (congratulations), ask around “how things are done around here”.

Everyone went through this level, so don’t be afraid of not knowing. Level 1 is the best time to evaluate and eventually drop.

Level 2 – Break the rules

After knowing the rules, I am either bored (drop) or more curious. In my brain, I’ll hear a lot of “what if I do this”, “what if I do that”.

This step is when you and I can give free rein to our creativity. You will discover things that are worth sharing. It’s FUN!

Level 3 – Be the rules

After so much experimenting, I have a solution that is tailor made for me and other like me. It’s time to share the discoveries and be the one defining the rules.

What to do next

If you have some skills at level 2 or 3, share them, make them public, help other at lower learning steps and spread your experience. Become a leader!

Help finds leaders

Share this article, invite other that are leaders to have the courage and share their experience. Sharing doesn’t dilute knowledge, on the contrary, it increases visibility.

Have a great day, have a great life.

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