How to avoid the noise and only get the important news

Often, I will read an idea which I find stimulating and interesting in theory. I want to make such idea mine and share it. But my experience tells me that unless something has been tested on the field, you don’t know if the beautiful theory is really useful or only a beautiful theory to ignore.

This is where I test things on myself and share my discoveries.

Experimenting on myself and sharing the results – No news

I used to be a newsolic, an invented word to say that I would read news often in the day, every day. I would have an opinion on every topic (I still have) heavily influenced by the latest articles I’d read. While I would choose newspapers with a good reputation, I cannot miss the fact that information is always biased.

So I decided, as an experiment, to eliminate active news reading from my daily routine. I would only get the information I can gather by listening to others talking, or passing near some TV in the hall of the office (not stopping, just passing by) and having a glimpse at what is on the first page of the newspaper of the guy sitting in front of me on the London tube.

What I got substance and facts

The results are, until now, impressive. I still stay on top of the most important news, like Xi becoming a dictator by changing the Chinese constitution, or Putin winning the election (again) and nerve attacks on EU soil etc…

But the real net effect is the absence of Journalist opinions, and more importantly less stress for me. I don’t get excited by the latest stupid thing done by Trump, or worry about the latest round of Brexit (which incredibly never reached me in the last two months! Maybe they are really negotiating.)

I feel more relaxed and a better listener as I’m learning more from conversations and have less to share.

Conclusion – Success

I’ll continue this experiment and will try to make it a habit.

PS: During the weekend, I sometimes read some articles. Don’t tell anyone 😉

PS2: this approach is recommended in 2 books:


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