Do you have time to study? Yes you do!

Very big book

You have time to study

Wake up one hour earlier than the rest of the family (6 am for me), go out running/walking for 45 minutes while listening to an audio-book about something you want to study.

This gives 45 minutes of study, 45 minutes of sport and if you buy bread and croissants a great morning breakfast for the family.


  1. Open an audible account here
  2. Select the membership – I use “1 book monthly membership”, 7.99 Pounds a month and I get a full book to listen each month
  3. Select a book, I recommend something you want to learn
  4. Download the app on your phone
  5. Go out to run with your book read to you

Tips to get the best experience

  • Don’t run against the watch while listening
  • If an idea strikes, stop and write it down. I use evernote for that
  • If the content is complicated, stop running start walking
  • Listening will make you forget you’re running

Fun fact

I run only to be able to eat and drink whatever I want and still have my wife looking at me with desire.

The current book I’m listening to

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