First step towards self-awareness

Part of living a happy and great life, requires a deep understanding of yourself, to know your strengths and weaknesses and to find out what motivates you. You can decide to be an explorer and search on your own, or you can choose to seat on giant’s shoulders by leveraging existing tests and tool, and start your exploration with a basic map and some vocabulary to dig deeper.


Feeling in the wrong place?

I’ve always felt in the wrong place, especially while at school: I was not excellent at anything, very ‘nerd’ with the social inconveniences of it, but without the right grades in math. This trend continued at university, still not finding where I could make a difference. How do you strengthen your strengths when you don’t know your strengths?

How do you strengthen your strengths when you don’t know your strengths?

After living, and following countless experiences (aka try and fail), at 27 years old my knowledge of myself could be summarised in 4 points: shy, two weeks to 3-month limited attention span, troubleshooter and teacher.

  • Shy exacerbate all communication issues I had
  • A Limited attention span. Between 2 weeks and three months when I’m obsessed with the topic and then, nothing, it’s gone.
  • Troubleshooter: I can find an on-the-fly solution to complex problems, I built three IT business around this capacity.
  • Learning and sharing are a joy (i.e. I am a teacher). I love to learn complex topics and find ways to share them as easily as possible.

Those four points are all part of the INTP personality, having known that at 20 would have avoided lots of experiences (mistakes). Today, I know who I am. It allows me to be happy, a better husband, a better father and a genuine person.

How to discover yourself

Are you curious about yourself? Do you feel the need to improve and become a better person? Do you feel you have not reached your potential yet?
The best first step toward self-awareness is to find your personality by using the Myers-Briggs set of personalities and tests. My favourite free online test is available here, and a list of the 16 personalities are described here.

I’m an INTP and proud of it.


Starting a journey of self-awareness and discovery is much simpler if you have an initial map.

Join the INTP community or help us

If after the test, you find yourself in the 3% of INTP, be happy, we both have found someone to talk with. To reach me use the contact icons on the top right of each page. If you need more time to understand if this is all for you, then subscribe to the blog, and you’ll receive regular articles written by someone like you.

If you are not an INTP, we have much to learn from each other. I will be happy to leverage my strengths to help you, and to learn from you how to be a better person.

Have a great day, have a great life
Frank Contrepois – From Moscow – 28th-30th of July 2016

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