Flip the coin aka Changing perspective

changing perspective

This is one of the most important article of FrankContrepois.com as the methodology described has changed my life for the best some years ago. I call it flip the coin! Flipping the coin is my way to remember that everything in life can be seen from at least two perspectives and changing perspective has allowed me to see the world through different lenses resulting in being a better person, a better leader and to think out of the box.

changing perspective


Some real life examples

Don’t say sorry say thank you is an application of the flipping the coin method. I was feeling guilty every time I would say sorry, so I flipped the coin and

asked myself “How can I excuse myself while bringing a positive mindset” and saying thank you was the answer.

I used to feel bad about not calling my parents or friends for weeks or months, but then I flipped the coin and remembered that while I was not calling, they were not either. Still some guilt but a lot less.

I tend to be close minded about some subject I love and study, I feel like I’ve the only correct answer and might fight for it too hard. Changing perspective by putting myself in the others shoes opened my mind and really helped me build empathy, be a better listener and improve my soft skills and leadership. It became so important, that being “open-minded” is now one of my values and while sometimes I still make old mistakes, I will always think about it and excuse myself when needed.

Why it matters

By flipping the coin you will

  • be a better communicator
  • boost your self esteem
  • be more connected with people near you
  • be more patient
  • be innovative
  • be a better thinker
  • be a better person to have around
  • be a better person

Don’t let others push you to make mistakes

By changing your perspective, you can transform bad experiences and feelings into positive or at least less negative ones. You can more easily understand others and put yourself in their shoes. For insecure persons it can be a life changer as it was for me. You will immediately be more empathetic and a better leader.

Next time you feel bad, or ready to explode, STOP, don’t say anything, don’t answer to emails, just stop and wait for some time (can be 5-10 minutes for small things or a full night if you are infuriated), flip the coin and put yourself in the other person shoes and then react at the right level.

Be a better leader

In his book The trusted executive John Blakey gives a list of habits that a leader of the XXI century needs to have, and by flipping the coin (changing perspective) you can be more open, more kind, more brave and have a better contact with the people your actions impact on. Making you a more efficient leader of this time.


By flipping the coin (changing perspective) you can transform the way you feel and interact with others. Flipping the coin is one of the skills that help personal improvement, self esteem and to become a better person at work and in life.

What happened when you flipped the coin for the first time? Share your thoughts by commenting


2 Comments on “Flip the coin aka Changing perspective”

  1. Great column, and one I not only agree with but have tried to do myself for a number of years.

    Being British I am always saying sorry (a cliché which happens to be true), even where it may make me look a little weak. I’ve been considering this especially when working with other cultures who may not realise it’s an automatic reaction, and sorry doesn’t even necessarily mean “Oh God, I’ve made a terrible mistake for which I need to apologise!” 🙂

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