How to keep LIFE, sleep and work in harmony

Hi, my name is Frank Contrepois and my goal is to help you find enough time to do what is important for you while succeeding at work.

Who I am


I am French-Italian, living in London with my beautiful wife and our 11-month old son. Since meeting Anya the time spent with her and our son is the measure of my LIFE. I organise my time to have breakfast with them, be there to put my son to bed (7 pm) and have dinner at home in the evening.

at work

I was the co-owner and co-CEO of Coblan, an IT company, for 10 years. I now work as a director for one of the fastest growing companies in the world, called Virtustream. So I know how stressful work can be.

at night

Like Bezos owner of Amazon, I sleep 8h almost every night,  and I think it’s part of my secret sauce for productivity.

Why should you care?

After a lot of experimentation, failures, and a long time I created around me a environment where life, sleep and work co-exist in harmony. And this can now be yours. You only need to follow this blog.

If today

  1. the amount of hours you work are over what you signed for
  2. you cannot dedicate enough time to your passions and family
  3. you go to bed and wake up with problems spinning in your brain

Then this blog is for you.

What is going to happen

Every Friday, I’ll write a post about how to keep life, sleep and work time in harmony while also providing productivity insights to improve.

Your actions

  1. Have a full 8h night of sleep during this week and feel the energy flowing!
  2. Comment, ask questions, suggest improvements on this blog.

This blog starts with me but is for you.

Thank you for being one of the first visitors of this blog. It’s great to have you onboard

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One Comment on “How to keep LIFE, sleep and work in harmony”

  1. Hi Frank,

    This is one of the greatest idea of yours ! Balancing Work/Life and Sleep is the main task of my workday. I try to spend more time with Nicolò (my 6 years old son) balancing work task and time spent in home-work travel. Best Regards. Marco.

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