How to start having a LIFE, work, sleep balance


The first step toward a LIFE, work and sleep balance is to visualize your current life and decide where you want to be.

Change the view

I used to squeeze my life and sleep in the time left over from work. I have found this is how most people’s LIFE work sleep balance looks. I’ve turned it upside down, the important time is LIFE and sleep, work needs to adapt to this. For me this translated into:

  1. Breakfast is a family breakfast
  2. I need to be there to put my son to sleep
  3. Dinner is a pleasure with my wife
  4. No work before breakfast or after dinner is authorized
  5. Weekend and vacation are sacred

This has completely changed my view of time at work and my daily calendar. LIFE, work and sleep are balanced but productivity in life and work had to improve dramatically. I invite you to do the same and to start visualizing your current balance.

Visualize today and point to the goal

The first step to a successful work life balance is to understand where you are and what is your goal. Different type of persons will have different type of balance

  1. Family man (like me) will point to a really balance with 8 hours for each activity
  2. An entrepreneur will want work to have a bigger part for some time
  3. A single man might have later wake up and later bed time

By doing this you’ll identify how much work needs to be done.

See the goal, act on it

Try to record your activities, every day for one week and find what is dis-balancing your life and why. Then post a comment, so that I create posts with real meaning for you.

2 Comments on “How to start having a LIFE, work, sleep balance”

    1. Hi Marco, thank you for the comment.

      It takes me around 45 minutes with public transport to go to the office. I use this time to study or read a book in the morning and listen to podcast in the evening.

      For an example of my LIFE work sleep pattern, have a look at the Excel available in the post.

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