Live a harmonious LIFE and forget work life balance

LIFE is too complex to be balanced

The idea of work/life(style) balance has been extremely useful to introduce priorities and goals outside of work. It is not surprising that work/life balance has gained momentum when the majority of people started to marry for -real- love, when going back home became a positive experience and staying at work to avoid home became the exception. Work/life balance was the first step in a new direction. That step is now done. What is the next one? Read the rest of the article.

Harmonious mix


Harmonious LIFE is what you need

The work/life balance idea cannot grasp the complexity of  today’s LIFE where the frontier between LIFE and work is blurred by technology.

What you should really search is to live a harmonious LIFE.

The definition from the Oxford dictionary for harmonious is: “forming a pleasing or consistent whole” or “Free from disagreement or dissent”.

  • A harmonious LIFE is pleasant and a consistent whole.
  • A harmonious LIFE is free from disagreement (even internal ones) or dissents

My own definition

[shareable cite=”Frank Contrepois”]A harmonious LIFE is when regrets cannot grow from your actions.[/shareable]

LIFE, work and sleep harmony

If you want to live a harmonious LIFE, then start by changing things at work and your sleep pattern. The goal being to do all the non-important work as fast as possible (more efficiency) and to be able to sleep like a baby (less stress).

I’ve discovered that after making changes to work and sleep, the rest of LIFE follows.

Use the rest of the time to do what is important for you

All the time created by changing your work and sleep habits can now be dedicated to do what is important, and what is important changes with time and circumstances.

I had moments when my LIFE was harmonious and some when it wasn’t. Strangely when I was working a lot to grow my company I was in harmony, I was completely dis-balanced toward work, but I was happy. Today my harmony comes from Anya and Lucas, I’m disbalanced again, but still in harmony and still happy.

Can you connect the dots

Living a harmonious live is connected to:

  • Values
  • Priorities
  • Mission
  • Goals
  • and most of what I talk in this blog

When you read a future article, connect the dots…


[reminder]Which next steps are you making to have more harmony in your LIFE?[/reminder]


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