Long-term is incompatible with Startups

Ok, a polemic title, let me rephrase, Long-term is incompatible with most startup. You don’t do long-term strategies in a startup (unless 1 month can be seen as long-term). Startups are based on having one idea, one product, one vision and you try to make it work.

The philosophy is different in a startup

If it fails, you change the product and start again (Pivot in the Lean Startup world ). This is short-term thinking and this is why a startup is the perfect work environment for doers and not so good for the thinkers.

Failure is the norm

Startup employees are different from another type of companies employees. The approach is “do now and think later”, issues are solved as they appear, not before. The startup doesn’t have a reputation yet. The logic behind this mentality is that everything done in a startup is a test, with each test having a 90% chance of failure.

Then it’s time to say goodbye and start again

When a good product is found and has a market with early adopters, then often it is time to sell, let the old employees do something with their shares, and/or find a new startup while a different type of employees come onboard.


There are exceptions, mostly in very successful startups who became massive companies (eg. Google, Facebook). People at the top are exceptional and should not be the standard of measure of entrepreneurs.

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