Children are under too much pressure. Call for a change in education.

Education needs to evolve

Schools and education in general prepares you for work. That was true in the early 20th century and so completely wrong today. Companies know that it takes 2 years to transform a student into a productive worker. Two years!  Why is education so disconnected from reality?

Education needs to evolve

Education needs to evolve

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The rhythm is the same in every part of the world: Every week a new topic, then immediately an exam, get a mark, repeat. This is how education works worldwide, from childhood to university. It is totally disconnected from what happens after school, in what we (people out of school) call ‘the real world’. 

‘Standard education’ Vs ‘Real world’

std education ‘Real world’
Study (usually alone) Collaborate with other
Test, closed book Use templates and feedback
New topic every week Specialized is better
zero time to assimilate Try to try & fail and assimilate

School should search for talents

First of all, school should search, find and encourage talents, all talents: arts, people skills, leadership, math, speaker, sport, and many many others. Talents is what companies are searching, something your are good at naturally that with practice and dedication will make you great. 

From school you should know your talents (we have many) and then make a decision on which to focus on.  

Parents have a critical role

As parents we put – lots of – pressure on children to be the best at things that are mostly useless for the future; even worst we have the illusion that such skills will help find a good job at the end. 

We as parent need to understand that having a child that is not good at school means that his/her talents are not the “standard one”, we need to dig, search, find, and help. 

education and real world

Education should evolve

After reading and writing and basic math, you are ready to go. How many of you remember how to do a division with decimal by hand? I tried and failed!

Why not teaching:

  • Communication, on the phone, in writing or emails
  • How to speak in public, in meetings, face-to-face
  • How to be a leader and a follower
  • Efficiency methods and prioritization
  • Some accounting (with a calculator)
  • Some DIY (I would have hated this one, but it would be great today)
  • Many many other possibilities that are needed by most professions today

The classroom needs a review

Why not aligning school with ‘real world’:

  • Groups of children working together. Learning to work as a team 
  • Templates of good content – learn to write good content
  • Feedback from the teacher – get better, and better, and better
  • Exams in the form of presentations or reports

Call for action

[reminder]If you are a parent, you have an opinion. Why not sharing it and be part of a passionate discussion?[/reminder]

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  1. Quite true. Here are some alternatives I’ve been exploring with my children, presently in elementary, middle, and high school:

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