Be a successful team, be like an orchestra

Follow the music

All the business books, conferences and experts will talk about the leader leading, the team to be diverse and to hire people smarter than you. But if you ask for examples, you’ll only get confused answers. Yesterday was a Eureka day, I found the analogy that connects -my- dots.

Follow the music

Be like an ochestra
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An orchestra is the perfect analogy for a great team

Think with me:

  • Everyone is a specialist
  • Everyone participates in the final result using his/her specialty only
  • Everyone has a place and knows when to participate
  • Everyone wants the performance to be a success
  • It’s hard work to become a specialist and even harder to stay so
  • The applause are for everyone
  • There are talents and they deserve recognition (soloists)
  • You want better people to join
  • Everyone is better than the leader in their specialty. Still he/she hires them
  • The vision of success is shared
  • The way to reach the goal is known to all
  • The music is clear and shared by everyone
  • The conductor leads without playing any instrument
  • The conductor listens to the overall result and gets what is not working. Making adjustments
  • The result is melodious and can change people

Where is improvisation?

When you listen to an orchestra, you are are the end of a long process that started with writing the music, tuning instruments, filling some gaps left by the composer. All full of improvisation and expression of talent.

[shareable cite=”Frank Contrepois”]New things require new ways. Good things require consistence.[/shareable]

Personal note

I love the new and feel bored with the consistency part. This explains my passion for startups, new projects in general and my incapacity to be excellent in anything.


[reminder]This is food for thoughts only, no todo list attached. If you want to know how I am implementing based on the analogy let me know. [/reminder]

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  1. Well done for this very convincing analogy and impressive work with your 30 days challenge, on which I only recently started to catch up!

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