How to get your name printed in the Financial Time (I’m famous, sort of)

Hi all, a post to share a good news! I’ve successfully completed the Financial Time Non-executive Director diploma. YEAH!

This is important because:

  • my mum can finally be proud of my post-graduate studies (there is something)
  • I had my name printed in the Financial Time for the first time (see image)
  • I’m now comfortable with most aspects of boards’ responsibilities and duties as a director or chair.
  • And more importantly, I understand how boards think, act and the legal and financial framework around them.


The official definition of what is the Non-executive director diploma (

With today’s boards under more pressure than ever before the Financial Times has designed the Diploma to equip non-executives for the specific requirements of the role and assist them to carry out their duties successfully for their own benefit and to increase long term value for the companies whose boards they sit on.

My definition of what is the N0n-executive director diploma

If you are interested in getting the diploma, here is my non-marketing view: The Non-executive Director Diploma is a master-level diploma covering the legal, behavioral and financial aspects of being a member of a top-level board of directors. The course last 6 month, is mostly done online and includes two day of face-to-face board simulations, a 3 hours financial exam, lots of legal/financial/management material to learn and a final thesis of 14’000-21’000 words leveraging all the knowledge learned.

It’s harder than how the website states, specially if you have a full time work.

If you want more info

Contact me at

Have a great day, have a great life

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