One trick to be more confident during an interview

You have lots of power during the hiring process

If you are not going to an interview because you are not ready to quit, then stop over-thinking and go! An interview is a negotiation, and you have power.

Your biggest bargaining power

At any time, you have the power to STOP the hiring process (negotiation). View interviews as opportunities to investigate what the real offer is. In the job seeking business, what you see in the initial job description is rarely what the hiring company is needing. Only by going to the interviews you will you be able to understand if you are the right person for the job and if the company is good for you.

Be professional and you can apply with the same company in the future

If you fear that by stopping the interview process you are going to lose future work opportunities with that company, then think again. Leaving in a professional way is a way to distinguish yourself. There are no reasons why you shouldn’t be able to apply for another, more suitable position, in the future.

My opinion on interviews

Interviews give excellent insights on the current work market, your present value in that market, and can provide a boost on your self-esteem if you pass some rounds.

Words of wisdom

As usual, moderation is key, avoid being a serial quitter, only do a limited number of interviews per year and be honest.

An interview is not the first step out of the door of your current job; it is an evaluation of your capabilities and the market.

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