Phone with camera of phone + camera?

Hi all

One of the effects of being on vacation for a year in La Reunion is that I made so many photos that I now see photo opportunities all over the place. Since coming back to London, I don’t carry any of my good, but heavy cameras and missed many opportunities to take good pictures.

So when my phone died some weeks ago, I checked for new phones with a particular eye on the camera quality.

I looked at the usual suspects, iPhone and Samsung S8, great phone, good cameras, lots of effects, some post-production, easy sharing, GPS, no optical zoom, no flash, shitty low-light pictures and $800+ price tag. What! Spending $800 for a phone which is a computer with limited OS and small screen is too much. I cannot find a good reason (or reasons) to spend so much money when 95%+ applications are made to work to work well on previous generations (or the dev are limiting their market).

So I decided to buy a small camera, light, with a real flash, a real zoom, can stand in my pocket and has a Leica lens. All of that for $200 (more or less, I paid in Pounds). Happy with it.

For the phone, I did some research and as a compromise between screen, power and weight. I found some cool phone for $200, but in the end, I went over-budget due to the reviews and got the Huawei P20 Lite. Very happy with it, the fingerprint scanner on the back is unexpectedly comfortable to use, the screen is good, and the battery last 2 days (!!!). The last time a phone did stay for so long, is when I got a very basic Nokia some year ago to get cured of a smartphone dependence. The camera is cool enough 🙂


So roughly $500-550 total spent, two specialised products that do what I want. Happy me.
Conclusion: sometimes having cheap specialist tools is better than one expensive that tries to do everything. This applies also to consultants 😉

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