Are you crossing off someone else’s todo list and ignoring yours?

helping others become smarter

Are you crossing off someone else’s todo list and ignoring yours? Do you need to improve your team performance? Do you plan in delegating more but you don’t know how to start? Stop sending immediate answers.  When you deliver immediate answers, what you are really doing is helping people cross off actions from their todo list and procrastinating what is on your todo list. 

helping others become smarter
I work in Virtustream and people are fantastic here. If I ask for help, I’ll often receive what I need very fast. I try to do the same in return, but it’s exhausting, not efficient and l can only do my tasks to when I’m not at my best.

The feel good effect of helping people

Helping people feels good and they will like you for that. But the more you give the more you rise expectations (“3 rules to succeed by delivering on expectations”) and the more people will ask you and rely on you.

It’s like a lemon, until it gives juice, you press it. Don’t be a lemon.

The result is that you can concentrate on what is important for you only before or after helping everyone else, usually impacting your LIFE, work and sleep harmony. In the post “Be smarter by complicating your life”, I recommend to give yourself and others some time to be creative and think for themselves. Do it!

Tip for when you ask for help

  • Before asking for help, be sure to have dedicated some time (i.e. minimum 30 min) trying to cross off the task on your own.

Tips for when people ask for your help

  1. If you’re the only one with the knowledge and the request is genuinely urgent then help well and help now.
  2. If the help request is too generic, return it, and ask for some ideas, content and suggestions
  3. If the help request is good, wait for at least 1 hour, better 2 hours and even better after you’ve crossed off one task from your todo list

Have a great day, have a great life Image credit: tidymind

2 Comments on “Are you crossing off someone else’s todo list and ignoring yours?”

  1. Onne thing to recollect each great plan iis as good as its execution and each geat pla that’s executed is as
    good as the people who are executing it. As soon as it is being executed,
    the plan’s objective is to do what is necessary to keep the eenterprise useful
    earlier than, throughout, and after a natural or man-made catastrophe.

    1. Hi thank you for the comment.

      Some years ago we would have been in total agreement, until I understood that plan assume people are only doing stuff while really people are smarter than that. We all have complicated lifes (eg: get the kid to school, organize evening out, holiday, etc) in which we not only survive but live. This smartness can be used by defining a clear vision of success then everyone will work to get to the same goal and results follow.

      What do you think?

      Have a great day, have a great life.
      Frank Contrepois

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