How to have great ideas fast

Have you ever been into one of these 2 hours brainstorming session where lots is said, but less is done. Those meeting forgot the goal of brainstorming: to have many bad ideas and maybe a good one.

There is a way to trick your brain in getting the same result of a 2 brainstorm session. Focus on the topic at hand and list as many things as possible over 2 minutes (yes that short).

The steps (it is the same for one or more participants):

  1. select a high level topic
  2. try to find as many ideas as possible in 2 minutes (use an alarm)
  3. select the 2 least worst ideas and repeat the process

This method has two very positive effects:

  1. in 15 minutes you can deep dive a lot of options and ideas
  2. it can be used during a meeting. For example “this is a gread idea, Jon, let’s brainstorm for 2 minutes”.

Simple yet effective and in my experience, the results are comparable (if not better) than the 2 hours session

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