That’s me

That’s me

Welcome to my personal page! I’m Frank Contrepois, a French/Italian FinOps leader with a passion for cloud technology. With a mix of experience from academia and startups, I have established myself as an expert in both Cloud and FinOps and published several articles. As an AWS ambassador and certified Cloud FinOps professional, I am dedicated to staying at the forefront of my field. I am the Chief Innovation Officer at Strategic Blue.

I have a rich and varied background, having been a part of multiple startups in Italy and the UK, but also having experienced burnout. However, with the help of my supportive wife, Anya, I was able to escape and start fresh on Reunion Island, where I spent a transformative year.

I am a constant learner and share my knowledge through my blog, Zettelkasten, and publications page.

If you want to get in touch or connect, you’ll find all the information you need under the Contact tab.


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My writing

What's new in Cloud FinOps - I don't believe in tagging

Izhak “I don’t believe in tagging” Zimmermann discusses with Stephen and Frank about the importance of focusing on business value in the context of FinOps, emphasising the need to understand cloud costs within the context of business goals. He introduces a new approach to FinOps that leverages new technology and insights to support business goals and drive business value. The conversation covers the challenges of understanding cloud costs, the use of networking data to understand costs, and the transformation of cost data into business value data. Read more...

How do I get the number of days between two dates in AWS Athena

Looking around the web often gets me to non-Athena ways. So here we go. In AWS Athena you get the numbers of days between two dates like this: SELECT date_diff('day', FROM_ISO8601_DATE('2024-06-13'), FROM_ISO8601_DATE('2024-05-13')) AS diff The doc lies As of today, the documentation lies, you cannot have ‘second’ as first parameter. If you need the seconds multiply the result by 24 something like SELECT (date_diff('day', FROM_ISO8601_DATE('2024-06-13'), FROM_ISO8601_DATE('2024-05-13')))*24 AS diff_in_second Read more...

AWS Athena - how to make long numbers more human readable

It happens that you have calculations in your queries. And the numbers returned can be a little to long for a human-reading. I am working on some AWS CUR data, and I get a discount of 49.99999999999999%. No one will complain if I put that at 50%. The answer is to use either ROUND(YOUR_TOO_LONG_NUMBER) with only one parameter or ROUND(YOUR_TOO_LONG_NUMBER, A_SHORT_NUMBER) with two parameters Round, does what it says on the tin, it rounds the numnber to the closest integer) Read more...