Portrait of me by Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt

Portrait of me by Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt

Welcome to my personal page! I’m Frank Contrepois, a French/Italian FinOps leader with a passion for cloud technology. With a mix of experience from academia and startups, I have established myself as an expert in both Cloud and FinOps and published several articles. As an AWS ambassador and certified Cloud FinOps professional, I am dedicated to staying at the forefront of my field. I am the Head of FinOps at Strategic Blue.

I have a rich and varied background, having been a part of multiple startups in Italy and the UK, but also having experienced burnout. However, with the help of my supportive wife, Anya, I was able to escape and start fresh on Reunion Island, where I spent a transformative year.

I am a constant learner and share my knowledge through my blog, Zettelkasten, and publications page.

If you want to get in touch or connect, you’ll find all the information you need under the Contact tab.

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My writing

Learning in public - Work life balance

Today in #learninginpublic we think about work life balance. Work life balance would imply that they are in opposition, but there is only life. No matter the amount of yoga, problems at work will not disapear without intervention at work. This is from a Simon Sinek interview with TED. The evergreen article Read more...

Learning in public - when you are late don't rush

Today in #learninginpublic, something I can be good at. zt - when you are late don’t rush - My second brain When you are running late, it’s important to stay calm and avoid rushing. Being just a few minutes late, whether it’s 5, 10, or 15 minutes, is still considered being late. There’s no need to make the situation worse by panicking and rushing." (My sentence improved by chatGPT) Read more...

Learning in public - focus

Today in #learninginpublic, something I am terrible at. Every time I read this article, I think about all the things I started with passion and left half done on the side of my life road. THe evergreen article Read more...

Learning in public - What is amortisation

Today for learning in public I write about amortisation and amortisation in the cloud, with examples and some funny analogies. Feedback is very welcome Evergreen article Teaser: Amortising is like spreading butter on a toast. You start by taking a big chunk of butter that covers only a little part of the bread and then you spread it over the full length of the bread. The quantity of butter is the same, but it is more useful over the length of the bread (and tastier, which is the important bit). Read more...