Hi there, I’m Frank Contrepois and welcome to the table of content of my thoughts.
I have (too?) many interests and this is reflected on this website. It has many topics. That doesn’t mean it’s completely disorganized: Each article has at least both a topic and a value that you can access easily from the links below or the menus on the left.

If you are interested in why this site exist, have a look at its mission statement and goals.

Latest posts


The courage to be happy – our family story living on an island for a year and focus on long-term goals, create our companies and come back stronger as a family, as persons and as professionals.

Startups – Articles aimed at people with business ideas and existing startup founders.

I believe that everyone is smart – No-one has a simple life and still everyone cope with it successfully. This talent for creating order out of chaos is rarely used in business and is wasted.

Finance– Finance for beginners

Create time for what is important – the original blog about efficiency, leadership and be home for dinner.

Other things like checklists to dress well when you are a geek, some IT technical comments and articles, my views and analysis of world events, anything else that doesn’t fit in the other topics.


Sharing – The goal is to share so that we can all improve.

Courage – Having the courage to live a life without regrets.

Improving – We should never-ever stop improving ourselves.

Caring – I care about people, right now I care about YOU.

Have a good one

Open-minded – Playing the devil’s advocate on various topic. In this section my opinion is set aside in exchange of intellectual challenge.

Simplicity – Simple things work better. Complication should be rare.

Mission (WIP)

FrankContrepois’ mission is to explore with the readers and other blogger innovative ideas and to challenge the status-quo

Goals (WIP)

By October 2017
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Family man and I'm doing a lot to be with them every morning for breakfast and every evening for dinner before a good night sleep while succeeding at work. What I do I share on my blog (http://frankcontrepois.com), so that other busy persons can create time for what is important I've been CTO of my own company for 10 years and I'm now an employee of Virtustream a fast growing, venture capital (Now EMC) company. If I can make it, you can too. Follow me on the discovery step after step