About Me

My career has been a series of ups and downs, starting out as a traveller and going to 11 schools, getting my first computer (386DX 33 8MB ram!) at 16, which gave me a passion, the desire to build businesses, and a burnout, which I fortunately was able to circumvent by moving to the UK, and later by moving for an 11-month holiday on a tropical island (Reunion Island), followed by a more stable job allowing me to get prestigious IT and business certifications and strategic roles.


Various Cloud and FinOps related roles

London | 2012-present

  • FinOps professional - number 20.
  • Top 250 AWS experts - AWS Ambassador.
  • Growing Strategic Blue's revenue 12 times while increasing the number of employee four times.

What's new in Cloud FinOps Podcast

FinOps Guys | 2021-present

  • Sharing the cloud news that impact your wallet.
  • Interviewing FinOps influencers.
  • A great way to keep in touch with a friend.

Gap year expert

Reunion Island | 2016-2017

  • An experience few have before retirement.
  • No closed shoes for a year.
  • A great story to share.

Founder of Coblan srl

Italy | 2002-2012

  • Jack of all trades.
  • Technical expert of most technologies born at that time.

Freelance trainer

Wherever | Always

  • Blogging on
  • Learning in public on
  • Writing for publications. Search for the pubication tab.


  • Trust - Trust to build long term relationship
  • Honesty - I believe in what I say
  • Improvement - To evolve, to survive and be a better person
  • Sharing - As in team work
  • Open minded - I understand others views
  • Fairness - I believe in the brain and actions as the way to value people



Native Language

life and school

Italian (Roman accent)

Native Language

life and uni


Working in English

London | 2012–present



French-Argentinian school in Buenos Aires | 1990-1994


Slowing learning