Using Grammarly to correct my English

This is my expression when I search for words. I call it the ummmm? expression. And until this point I’ve avoided doing any form of post-submit checks, litterally buring my head in the sand about my mistakes and avoiding the ummmm? look. But I also avoided the learning.

The waking up call was not a sudden realisation that people might actually read this and it should look as pretty as I can make it, no! that would have been too ( ummmm? cannot find the word) «please help me find the right word, write in the comments», no the yearly Grammarly cost made the trick, seeing my bank account dropping was the real trigger. And this is the reason why this post is now also in the finance section and that I’m starting to clean my past blog posts:

Today I did:

  1. The power of short and simple 2.Decided not to change MapCamp London 2019 as it was made to be in the moment while trying a markdown app on my phone.
  2. [The main duty of a leader]( main duty of a leader)
  3. [Refuse unhappiness]( Unhappiness) rewrote a big chunk of it too. It was wayyyy too philosophical and abstract.
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