Calendars are becoming too complicated

While preparing for a future blog post, I needed to know the correct date to publish the right content. It was not easy to find “what number is next Wednesday”. In the past (a long, long time ago) you had a calendar on your desk and the answer would either be available immediately or at the turn of a page. Now I need to launch the calendar app, which starts to complain about not having access to my position! (hey I only want next Thursday, nothing more), my account is not synced correctly (really? I want next Thursday!!!)

Is there a reason to add new requests for data access? The official version is that there is a feature that needs that information.

Google and other big IT companies have a business model based on knowing you better than yourself, to target you with the right type of ad.

They do that by collecting as many little drops of information as they can and create a profile. The more data they have, the more money they can think to make.

Thanks to Gmail, Google knows which email your opened, deleted, clicked. With the calendar, they see whom you meet, work hours, and lifestyle in general.

In the end, it took me at least 1 minutes of closing windows to get what I needed, and that’s the date of this blog post.

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