You are using this very complex system every day

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This post is supposed to be about simplicity, but today I decided to turn it over its head and talk about a topic that we consider simple but is very complicated.

I remember at Uni being very confused about how non-decimal based numbers work. For example, hexadecimal and binary numbers. I felt that the way of counting was just crazy, 10 in hexadecimal is 17 in our standard way (i.e. decimal) of counting. And 10 in binary is 2 in decimal! So painful.

But recently I noticed that you and I are using, every day, an extremely complex non-decimal counting system. TIME!

Think of it


Plus all the very confusing non-standard other things like months being more or less four weeks, but not exactly (they are a little more). Years are 365 or 366 days but only every four years, etcetera.

But it is simple (or so we say)

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