The importance of the non-urgent non-important quadrant

Most efficiency training I’ve been in will have in some form or another the time management matrix (aka the Eisenhower matrix). The matrix is two by two (as every consulting matrix is). The quadrants are divided by importance and urgency, resulting in:

  1. Important & Urgent - firefighting
  2. Important & non-Urgent - where to work focusing on the long term
  3. non-important & Urgent - mostly interruptions, including social ones
  4. non-Important & non-Urgent - watching tv

Many efficiency “experts” will tell you that quadrant number 4 is evil.

I disagree!

Like everything, balance is critical, and doing activities in quadrant 4 is often how we relax. For example, in my case, cooking and running (if I was running) are quadrant 4 actions, are they urgent? No. Are they important? Not really. Do I need them? Yes!

Life is a balancing act

Le trop est l’ennemi du bien ! (Too much is the enemy of good)

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