The main duty of a leader

The sea

We are all doers, but some of us are also protectors of doers.

For me, leadership is about caring, caring for the individual, for the team, for all the things we do together.

And the first duty of a carer is protection. Without protection, there is no security, without security, there is only survival, no creativity, no collaboration, no teamwork, no sacrifice.

So the first job of leaders is to be protectors of doers, protecting your team, your doers. Protecting them from the noise that others are making outside (politics), protecting them from those who are trying to have your doers do their todo list (false priorities), protecting them from the internal entropy and complacency that tries to break the team from the inside (Dysfunctions of a team).

The most important duty of a leader is the duty of care.


As a doer, reflect about who protected you (and maybe still does today) send them an email. If you are a protector of doers, take the time to notice where your defences a weaker, and reinforce them, with the doers.

Now stop reading and start doing.

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