An uncomfortable question for business owners and shareholders

What are shareholders bringing? Money in exchange for ownership. What are customers bringing? Money in exchange for a product or service. What are employees bringing? Work to deliver the product and service to customers in exchange for money. Mission/Value/Strategy statements all have similarities on how they refer to employees and customers, always along the line of “our people are our most … Read More

Long-term is incompatible with Startups

Ok, a polemic title, let me rephrase, Long-term is incompatible with most startup. You don’t do long-term strategies in a startup (unless 1 month can be seen as long-term). Startups are based on having one idea, one product, one vision and you try to make it work. The philosophy is different in a startup If it fails, you change the … Read More

Phone with camera of phone + camera?

Hi all One of the effects of being on vacation for a year in La Reunion is that I made so many photos that I now see photo opportunities all over the place. Since coming back to London, I don’t carry any of my good, but heavy cameras and missed many opportunities to take good pictures. So when my phone … Read More

[Technical, short] Lazy-seq in Clojure

Hi all, a pro-memoria for myself about lazy-sequences (lazy-seq) and how to use them. Using lazy-seq is, at the moment, the hardest topic in my Clojure journey. Frank (I told you it is a post for myself) the next time you think about creating a lazy-sequence in Clojure remember: This is a good summary page of the struggles – The … Read More

A father should kneel

A father should kneel Important conversations happen between peers. As a father of a 4-year-old son, this means that when I listen to my child, I kneel. The message I want to send is: I’m listening only to you, I care about you, and what you want to tell me. Keeling is the right thing to do for a father; it’s also the … Read More

How to avoid the noise and only get the important news

Often, I will read an idea which I find stimulating and interesting in theory. I want to make such idea mine and share it. But my experience tells me that unless something has been tested on the field, you don’t know if the beautiful theory is really useful or only a beautiful theory to ignore. This is where I test … Read More

[2018-04-08] Websites from a Clojure Beginner to others

Some links I find useful while learning Clojure Clojure is a language we use at work, and as a real geek, I want to learn more about it. I’m going to use this post as a bookmark of the good Clojure links I find. Beginner I started learning Clojure last week, so the beginner section is where I stand, and … Read More

2018-04-03 Lies and Statistics – a book

I’m reading I’ve read half of the book, and it is interesting to see all the ways statistics can be “adapted”. It also shows how complicated generating fair, honest and valuable figures can be. Excellent read until now, I feel it helps me be a better critical thinker.