Multiple TXT records on AWS Route53

A desk, a hand, no tech

I am trying Protonmail, a very secure, very privacy focus company.

To manage domains other than or, protonmail requires some changes in DNS, and in particular adding a TXT for domain ownership validation. I did it on Route53, all good. (hurray for the super fast update of AWS).

Later for crypto/spam checking needs (you need to stop SPAM right) there is a request to create a second TXT field. No problem, I go to my AWS Route53 and …. Error! There is already a TXT field for your domain (ok the message is more useful, but right now I do not have the stamina to login).

The solution is simple, almost logic (yet it took me 15 minutes and searches). In the TXT field in Route53 you can add multiple lines, and each will be seen as a different TXT element.

Good to know.

PS: if you are interested in my views on let me know in the comments.

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