The mistake every nerd does

searching for an answer

I need to go back to do some real tech work, both for my sanity (fun) and because I need to keep up. Lots of ideas in my heads, lots of exciting experiments to try, new things to do or old things to unearth. All cool tech stuff, but without a meaning! While at AWS re:Invent last year (2019), I noticed how much good tech work was used only to show technical competence, without a thought about possible use.

Pure research creates a new way of working, provides a new base upon which to build new, better and more complicated things. AWS provides that foundation (and does the research behind) and what we, as nerd/geek, should focus on creating meaningful things.

So, for me, the biggest mistake most nerds (me included) do, is not to have a use case for their research. If you are going to create a technical masterpiece, take some time and think about one way your idea could be used and create an MVP (minimum viable product).

having ideas is easy, making ideas happen is what matters

I’m working on the 24hblog (to learn lambda) and would love your help soon for beta testing.

Have a great day

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