Catering can teach a lesson or two to IT companies

In the service world, catering is the one with the most experience. Restaurants have been around since the antiquity, competition is never-ending, and customers are very demanding.

For those reasons, paying attention to how restaurants do things is enlightening.

In this case, my team manages the full lifecycle of customers, from welcoming them (aka onboarding), to delivering the day-to-day activities, reporting, all while improving the quality of the service.

How much effort (in proportion) should go into each activity is critical to happy customers and P&L. Who should make the decision? The leadership, the people closest to the information, or the full team?

I believe restaurants have the answer, and here are the lessons:

In restaurants

In %

Activity Percent
Welcoming 25%
Consistency 25%
Choosing 10%
Taking the order 5%
Crafting 15%
Presenting 10%
Getting feedback 5%
Pay 5%
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