Do schools kill creativity?

My favourite TED talk is “Do schools kill creativity?" by Sir Ken Robinson. I’m not alone as it is the most viewed TED talk.

The first time I watched it, I loved the performance of Sir Ken Robinson and the humour. But, the main message was not resonating: I was not a dad (yet!)

Today, I’m the very proud dad of two boys and my oldest started school. Now the fear of losing the creative genius in all kids is real. Creativity is a skill like few others, it is part of the foundational skills that shape our approach to life alongside reading, writing, curiosity and basic math.

We do plan to send our kids to school, so the part we need to take care of is protecting creativity.

Imagination is the greatest gift to a human, but we kill it without mercy before becoming adults.

We are going to start with the low hanging fruits, we are trying to let both be bored as it is a great driver of creativity and imagination. We will also allow cartoons to help explore the realms of impossible and learn new stuff.

call for action

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