When confronted with disruptive change: How do leaders react?

Christophe Leroy, a friend, an executive coach, and many other things, explained me that since the beginning of COVID19 we are all going through the phases of grief without knowing or acknowledging it.

Around mid-march 2020 we all lost “normal-life”, and we are grieving it.

This is true for you, as a leader, but also every member of your team.

Everyone is at a different phase of the cycle, so everyone needs to be treated differently, starting with you. Christophe’s explanation helped me understand recent feelings and phases I’ve been through since the beginning of the lockdown.

The important consequence for you, leader, is that before being able to help your team, you need to get to on the positive side of the grieving phases. It is (much) easier when done with some external help, in particular a coach.

the phases of grieving

the phases of gief

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