How Blackwell of Oxford, a bookshop, got my attention on Amazon

Blackwell Ltd of Oxford, a bookseller, got my attention even when buying on amazon. Being noticed on is so rare that it deserves a post.

Often, I buy books on Amazon. Most of the time, the books are sold by small shops using amazon as their online platform. The opportunity with this approach is that you are accessible by the masses; the inconvenience is that your branding is not visible.

The only solution to have an old-customer to buy again is to attract attention. At one point, I was getting sweets in most packages, while I enjoyed the sweets, that never triggered the desire to go and recheck the website of the vendor.

The book I buy are recommendations from other books, and when I go on, I know what I want to buy. If I look for fiction, I let the AI help me. The art of recommendation is getting lost.

Yet yesterday, I received a book with inside a black and white bookmark with an old-style font, and printing of an engraving that resonates with me (I don’t know why). I will have a look at the shop (online) because the feeling is that of people caring about books and reading them.

Well done Blackwell’s

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